If you need our New Equipment Installed, we will respond. 

New Equipment Installations

Here at Nelson, Inc. we install what we sell if it is our Customer’s desire. Generally limited to Bridge Cranes, Hoists, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Free Standing Runways, and Work Stations. For our clients not to be critical but, we would prefer to do our own installations to ensure that our equipment is installed to our specializations. This ensures an unmatched level of precision, which means a product that has been installed correctly will perform at optimum levels for your needs.  Should our customers want to install their own equipment, we prefer to send a a “Start-up” by one of our Tech’s to assure all is well.

Coordination & Communication

Coordination and communication, two some times overly used terms, can not be overly stressed when it comes to installations.  From the time of purchase to final acceptance, a consistent flow of coordination and communication is required between all involved.  Simply put, reduce the stress and increase the pleasure.

How We can help


Looking to get that New Equipment going?

We at Nelson, Inc. not only provide your new equipment, we install it also.  Proper installation methods are an integral part of the life of the equipment.  Installed wrong results in a shorter life span.  What is the key?  Tech’s who are qualified, experienced, and who care.  Proper designed and applied equipment coupled with a good installation results in satisfaction…yours.

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