Custom Fabricated with Standard Components…Not “Quick Assembled” Kit Cranes

We are committed to Fabricating a Quality Bridge Crane.

Quality is one of those in-tangible terms we all use.  But, what really provides the substance so we can say – Quality. Our Crane components are selected based on our years of experience of what does and doesn’t work well.  Experience is a well educated teacher. We don’t want to fabricate a Crane needing maintained, we want to fabricate a Crane requiring minimum maintenance.

How We can help

Bridge Cranes

Single Girder or Double Girder

Designed utilizing structural beams, these Cranes are fabricated in our facility.  From design through completion, our focus is on our Customer’s needs.  Is is too often assumed that, a Bridge Crane is a Hoist, End Trucks, Controls, and Beam “thrown” together.  At Nelson, Inc. our Cranes begin with your application.  The Hoist is selected after those questions are answered.  Then, specifics must be known so the correct End Trucks are selected.  Control Packages must then be chosen based on these components and how the Crane will be operated.  Select the proper bridge beam next.  After that comes workmanship…the best components in the world are worthless on an improperly fabricated Crane.

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