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Electric Chain, Wire Rope, and Pneumatic Chain Hoists

When an application for lifting occurs, the initial considerations should be…what method is best for my application? What power source is available — electric or pneumatic? If electric, single phase or three phase.

Not sure about your needs and what will best suit your application? Ask for our help!

What we offer

Electric Chain Hoists

125lbs to 20 tons

Electric Chain Hoists are commonly selected because of the power source being available, various capacities, various speed selections, and high production rates. An additional benefit is True Vertical Lift. Our capacities range from 125 lbs. up to and including 20 Tons. Low capacities are rated at higher lift speeds, while the higher capacities are slower due to horsepower, gearing, and reeving requirements.

Suspension Methods may be Hook, Suspension Bar (Lug), Push Trolley, Hand Geared Trolley, or Powered Trolley. Powered Trolleys may be single speed, two speed, or even variable speed depending on the hoist make.

Controls are as basic as a Pendant, but some models include ergonomic handles and more Customers are requesting Radio Remote Controls.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

2 Tons to 50+ Tons

While some low capacities are available, hoists ranging from 2 Tons all the way up to and exceeding 50 Tons are common. Your selection of suspension method is a major determining factor of hoist capacity. Single Girder Hoists are limited due to a beam’s lower flange capacity and the trolley design. Here at Nelson, we max these out at 25 Tons due to these factors. Keep in mind that headroom becomes a significant factor as capacity increases.

Top Running Trolleys can encompass the smaller capacities up through the heavy capacity models. These, being a double girder type, place the hoist on top of the girders. This allows the hoist hook to raise up between the girders. This will usually gain lift height vs. a single girder design.  Advantages for these trolleys are: Minimal maintenance, no grease jerks, no open gears,, and sealed bearings.

The Lifting Controls for Wire Rope Hoists are – Two-Speed or VFD. Large capacity hoists will be VFD. Likewise Trolley Drives may be Two-Speed or VFD. VFD is becoming more common as a way to minimize load swing, not to mention more accurate load positioning, and durability.

Pneumatic Chain Hoists

250lbs to 100 tons

With Pneumatic Chain Hoists, one first thinks “duty cycle,” and with that comes capacities ranging from 250 lbs to 100 Tons. Some lighter capacity models have Manipulator Controls while most have basic pendant or pull cord controls.

With clean lubricated air, these hoists are tough and durable. Suspension methods range from hook,  to push trolley, hand geared trolley, to power trolley.

Special models may include close head room trolleys, explosion proof casings, and spark resistant packages.

Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists

1/2 ton to 35 Tons

These are not the most frequently used but are typically available from 1/2 Ton to 35 Tons. Examples of suited operations include grain, coal, and chemical. Air hoists perform well where heat may be a problem — either from heavy duty cycles or from above average ambient temperatures. They are also used in foundries.

Precise, and almost infinitely variable speed control is a standard feature of Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists.

Suspension methods depend on capacity. Lug mount is available. From 20 Ton and below, push trolley, geared trolley, and motorized trolley are available.