Fall Safe

We choose to provide Fall Safe Systems that are practical

Fall Safe by Choice

Implementing Fall Safe can be by choice or by force.  By “choice” is much better than by “force” after an accident happens.  Why not make an investment for safety now rather than pay for an accident and then for a Fall safe System?  Why pay two, three, four or even more times what the initial cost would be?

Overcoming Resistance

Even the Employees “grumble” about using Fall Safe even though it is for their own safety.  Why not investigate the Fall Safe methods available to choose a system that is as Employee Friendly as possible?  The Support System selected is supposed to hold the Employee in case of a fall, not be a cumbersome burden to “drag” around as they work.  Employee satisfaction may be increased by simply furnishing good quality harnesses.  Our goal – Providing Fall Safe methods that people want to use!

How We can help

Fall Safe

Methods of Fall Safe must be evaluated based on application.

Overhead Supported Systems

  •     Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) supported from a fixed point
  •     SRL suspended from a Trolley on a Monorail
  •     Enclosed Track Systems
    • Monorails
    • Bridge Cranes
    • Ceiling/Building Supported
    • Free Standing Structures
  •    Jib Cranes
  •    Portable Systems
  •    Gantries

Nelson, Inc. Working Crane Supported System

  • Patented Design
  • Control Safeguards are Incorporated
  • Radio Remote Controls are Standard
  • Operators have Control of their own Destiny
  • Two Workers supported