Overhead Cranes & Hoists – “We are in the Business”

Our Company

Our Company was specifically organized in 1983 to be in the Engineered (non-lift truck) Materials Handling business. By staying true to that commitment, we have progressed from a two-man basement operation to a multi-employee operation today with literally hundreds of customers. We have progressed from being all things to all people regarding Material Handling Equipment to being known for our Overhead Crane & Hoist capabilities. We are headquartered in Wichita where we have out corporate offices, including engineering, warehouse, crane service, and manufacturing facilities. Our facilities are modern, well organized, state-of-the-art computer equipped, which allows us to be more responsive. Our team attitude provides consistent support for our customers. We are family owned for stability and engineering based for the future.

Our Philosophy

In short, helping to solve lifting problems. However, far more than that, we choose to be honest, responsive, credible, professional, ethical, friendly, knowledgeable and have a real desire to help. We will strive to be competitive and we will give you value. We will not always be the “cheapest”, but we will be there when “total service life” costs are calculated.

Our Experience

Over 100 years…yes our team has been working in the business that long. That wealth of experience and knowledge is available for you to draw on.

Our Reputation

We believe it to be very good. We must rely on others to provide an unbiased opinion. We hear good reports through our customers, our vendors, related businesses, and our competition. Continued Customer referrals are another benefit we are fortunate to enjoy very much. Although you can find a “skeleton in the closet” once in a while, when you do though, we’ll fix it.

Our Record

Sure we have good products and great employees. The bottom line is, do we perform? Our record of accomplishment shows that we do…in that much of our business is done with repeat customers. Once you have begun doing business with us you will feel good because you chose to work with us.

Our Customers

Our customers extend from New York to Montana to Florida. We have done business with individuals in China, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Mexico – Including business with many Fortune 500 companies and private business owners. To us, size does not matter. We just enjoy working with people.

Our Products

We specialize in Overhead Cranes and Hoists along with related products. We are fortunate in that we partner with some of the finest lines in America (and the world) today.